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Lead with Your Purpose. Map Your Revolution. Step into Your Future.

About Kimberly C. Rhyan

As an advocate and speaker, Kimberly C. Rhyan shares her inspirational story about being a former foster youth and becoming more than a statistic. Her personal story of reconciliation and resiliency focuses on moving from hurt and heart-break to hope and healing.  Kimberly isn’t just a former foster youth, she is a soul-inspired storyteller, entrepreneur, artist, mother, educator, coach & writer. She teaches and motivates everyone to step into their future through the process of storytelling and purposeful mapping. She is also a coach, trainer and consultant who works to support her clients actualize their goals.

In at nutshell:

  • Kimberly  Rhyan cares about the small details and imagines new possibilities
  • She has a passion for inspiring audiences
  • She strives to unravel creativity in others
  • She has a strategic mind and enjoys generating new ideas
  • She loves working with others, identifying problems to solve and the people to solve them, and optimizing successful outcomes



Kimberly C. Rhyan is also trained in the Art of Hosting and seeks to empower others to fulfill their potential through the exploration of creativity, strategic planning, and idea mapping. Her degrees in Fine Art and Creative Arts Therapy provide her with a strong foundation to purposefully teach others how to utilize problem solving to develop solutions for life.

  • As an administrator with over ten years of experience in Higher Education, she utilizes interactive workshops to improve outcomes individually and collectively for educators, foster youth, student-parents, college students, higher education administrators, and non-for-profit organizational leaders.
  • As a former foster youth and survivor of trauma, she earned her Master of Arts in Creative Art Therapy; she equips other survivors to address barriers and begin the healing process through self-care practices, including meditation, journaling and zen gardens.
  • As an artist and educator, she uses the arts and the creative process to challenge others to tell their story through art-making and reflection.



  • Soul-Inspired Revolution (AKA Wordshops/Retreat): A sequenced series of purposeful workshops focused on “Stepping into Your Future” by combining several mindful activities to accomplish one’s goals. Wordshops are combined together as a retreat and provide several activities that promote the actualization of hopes through meditation, journaling and creativity.
  • Overcoming: Kimberly focuses on sharing her journey and how she overcome barriers in her life to overcome, proving she wasn’t a statistic of being a former foster youth or single-parent.
  • Why do you do what you Do? Kimberly shares a sequence of actions to live out a personal revolution towards self-expression and self-evaluation to produce real change over being reduced to constant challenges.
  • Self-Care & Forgiveness: She utilizes her degrees in Creative Arts Therapy and Fine Art to teach meditation and reconciliation as a pathway to healing through anxiety, roadblocks, trauma and PTSD.
  • Creativity  & Team-Building Boost: Kimberly provides hands-on activities, leading teams to develop creativity to improve job performance and enhancing communication through education, action and reflection.
  • Storytelling with a PurposeKimberly focuses on transformation and reaching goals through self-empowerment to improve outcomes while developing unity through team-building and sharing stories.
  •  Building Student Support Systems: Kimberly discusses barriers and addresses programmatic solutions for students to persist and graduate from college.

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