Coming Soon (My Action Plan)…


What is the name of your dream? Don’t give a name, always give a list! Fill yourself with dreams because dream is the path to reality!

– Playwright, Mehmet Murat ildan

Lead with Your Purpose. Map Your Revolution. Step into Your Future.

– Kimberly C. Rhyan


#1-Coming Soon….Spring 2018. Write and publish my memoir with an action journal.

I’m finally “steping into my future!”  When I was a senior in High School, I told my English teacher that I wanted to be a published author; twenty+ years later,  it’s finally time to share my story!

This past year, I have been supported by a mentor who encouraged me to share my story and I kept freezing. I was holding myself back because I couldn’t let go of my fear. I was afraid of being judged – what if I exposed more of my story than people knew I really experienced?  I have often debated in my heart and mind, if people really want to know the most authentic me, or if they just want to know the polished me.  I have accomplished more than I ever dreamed for myself,  but there’s also failure anchored by my weaknesses.

My life is in totality, is a combination of public and private moments; without my successes, failure and lessons learned, I would have never realized my passion and purpose. Finally, I hope my memoir and journal will impact others to experience their own change and growth.

#2- Coming Soon….. Empower foster youth and host Soul-Inspired Retreats.

I also want to  become a social Entrepreneur. I want to self-publish my memoir and create a complementary action journal. Every time, I sell a book & journal, I want to be able to give a free copy to a former foster youth, to empower him/her to go after their own dreams. Additionally, I want to be able to offer free spring break or summer retreats for current foster youth/high school students to prepare them for college.