Coaching & Consulting


Are you ready to lead with your purpose & share your story?

1) How does it work?

First, there will be an introduction/consult meeting (in person or Skype) with an initial brainstorming session.

Second, I will assess/inventory your venture.

Third, we will take a deeper dive and have a purpose-filled meeting to fine tune your mission, marketing needs, project development, etc..

Fourth, I will create your map and frame it for you; (an additional word document will also be sent to you);

Fifth, I will facilitate one final wrap-up meeting to go over the plan and go over any questions and answers.

2) Why is mapping (on a big piece of paper) important?

A lot of times we work small so our ideas stay small. Plus, it’s not just a pretty picture, but a plan of purpose for productivity. Ultimately, I enjoy supporting clients through the creative process and bringing out the best in others to produce their best work.

3) How much does this process cost?

The process itself includes five+ hours of focused planning and my fee is negotiable.

4) Is there a promised guarantee?

This is what I promise….I genuinely care about your success and I will give you my best work. A lot of this process is complemented by your own determination and action to make the commitment to your proposed venture.

5) What are the outcomes (deliverable)?

  • Introduction meeting & two dedicated coaching sessions to developing your story and creating a map;
  • A personalized action plan that is all about you;
  • And a customized framed map (hand-drawn, 18″ × 24″) & final wrap-up meeting.

Please let me know if you are interested in beginning the next chapter!

After you submit the form, we will have a brief intro meeting (15-20 minutes)  negotiate a price; you will be able to ask questions before making a commitment to the process.

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