Cannot Be Broken




Coming soon….my first book!

“Cannot Be Broken,” is my “Soul-inspired Memoir & Journal” that will be published this year! I have been working on this book project for the past nine months and I am thrilled about publishing my first book!  Becoming an author is a dream come true and has been one of my goals since 1996, when I graduated from high school.

This memoir is all about my soul-inspired story, but I’ve also written this book as a step-by-step journal for survivors. Within each chapter, I created tools for you to be reflective and explore your own journey.

The book launch will be announced soon! Stay tuned for more information.

An excerpt from my “Introduction”

On December 11, 2017, I experienced my foster care anniversary. Twenty-six years year ago, one word changed my entire life and that word was “yes.” It took me four years to report that I was being abused by my stepfather. At twenty-five, I began writing this story and at age forty, I am re-writing it with a deepened understanding of my purpose. A lot has happened in fifteen years, but the most significant change includes the moment I became a mother. My experience as a mother definitely changed my writing perspective. My son will read this someday and I want him to know that he is loved unconditionally.

With any narrative, it belongs to the writer, and not the siblings, parents, friends, or anyone else. In writing my story, my only intent is to help someone else on their journey. My goal is to empower others with what I’ve overcome in my own life. I want other survivors and foster youth to move forward with determination and perseverance to write their own stories. The most difficult part of writing my story was stopping the writing process when I struggled with how to best tell the truth without hurting anyone. My intent is authenticity. My hope is that my vulnerability will help someone on their path.

This book examines the pathway to hope through healing, resiliency and action.  I hope it inspires your footsteps and prepares your heart to step into your future!

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