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Developing Your Soul-Inspired Story…

Journaling and reflection are important tools in developing your story. Do not think about this as an assignment, but as a pathway to navigating your future success. Write down your responses to these questions and begin to think about the impact you want to make in this world through your voice, story, and/or venture.

  1. Who are you becoming?

  2. Are you tracking key successes?

  3. Are you feeding your soul – Who inspires you?

  4. What is your message?

  5. What is your mission – What are your current priorities in your life?

What’s next? Focus on what’s important and let me know if you need help!

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For years, I have been dreaming about becoming an entrepreneur. I have always found myself helping others re-frame their ideas to enhance their work; during the past 15 years, I have offered friends feedback on brand identity, website design & content, printed deliverable(s), and mission alignment with measurable outcomes. My strengths and skill-sets that guide me in offering my professional feedback include strategic planning, creativity, relationship-building and the ability to see the big picture.

I provide guidance and tools for individuals and groups to explore their potential through the process of storytelling.

Consulting and coaching are the practices used to help clients, but this site also highlights my ability to speak and facilitate workshops; it is my aspiration to lift up and motivate others on their journey; I also seek to teach and empower my community.

But my thoughts haven’t always lead me towards positive self-belief. There have many occasions through the years when I talked myself out of pursuing my goals because I was afraid; I believed more in my doubt and fear than my own achievements and resiliency.

I would debate myself and talked myself out of launching a dream, TIME AND TIME AGAIN.



Risk of _____________________.

A) Failure to be seen as a serious entrepreneur

(What are my credentials? Are they valid?)

B) Failure to launch.

(What if I put in all this work and nothing happens?)

C) Failure to succeed and make the money needed to survive and thrive.

(What if I make the leap but no one jumps with me and I lose everything?)

But guess what? I believe in my purpose and I imagine what I can achieve!

I feel like I have come a long way and that I can overcome and thrive.

I am NOT a statistic; I spent most of my life surviving, but I learned to thrive.  I am thankful for lessons learned and that I finally arrived.

  • I survived foster care and my mother’s domestic violence relationships and drug-addiction;
  • I overcame a speech impediment and dyslexia;
  • I repeated third grade but went on to be an honors student in high school;
  • My mother chose my abuser, her husband (not my bio father) over me when I was 14 but I still made it to the other side of despair because of my larger community;
  • I graduated college (3.0 g.p.a.) d espite earning a few D’s along the way;
  • I was rejected from grad school but went back to college and applied to three new schools -I was accepted to all three and graduated with a 3.67 G.P.A.;
  • I cope with my anxiety and depression by making art, building community, attending counseling and practicing my faith;
  • Spiritually, I found myself in the dark but was brought into the light because of my faith community;
  • And I am not perfect – but becoming more perfect – through each failure.

For the record, growth can happen anywhere: sticks and stones do not stop a spirit from blooming.

I am living proof that where there are muddy waters, you can also find a lotus. I want to encourage you to open your heart and begin your journey with a new step towards your unlimited potential.

Are you ready to share your story and arrive?

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Writing (My Story) & More…


I am a soul-inspired storyteller, entrepreneur, foster alumni, advocate, artist, mother, educator, coach & writer.

Being an artist has helped me process life and progress as a human being. My paintings have been exhibited in Ohio and New York. Ever since I was a young child, I have felt compelled to make art. My biological mother was an artist and I would sit in awe and watch her stucco everything (literally, their entire house). I also have a hero, my elementary art teacher, who took me under her wing and inspired me to use my gifts and not give up.
Since eighth grade, I have written in over 200 journals to track my journey and reflect over my life to make change for the future. Writing in journals has been  more of a private journey, but I began writing her experiences on blog in 2003. I consider myself a word arranger and translator of experiences; whether I write something autobiographical or motivational, I seek to empower and help others be more open to self-discovery.
I am trained in the Art of Hosting and seek to empower emerging to advanced leaders fulfill their potential through the exploration of creativity, strategic planning, and mapping. I earned degrees in Fine Art and Creative Arts Therapy  which provide me with a strong foundation to purposefully teach others how to utilize problem solving to develop solutions for life:
  • As an administrator in Higher Education, I utilize interactive workshops to improve outcomes individually and collectively for educators, foster youth, student-parents, college students, higher education administrators, and non-for-profit organizational leaders.
  • As a former foster youth and survivor of trauma, I equip other survivors to overcome barriers and heal through self-care practices, including meditation, journaling and zen gardens.
  • As an artist and educator, I use the arts and the creative process to challenge others to tell their story through art-making and reflection.

I am a passionate artist and writer, but I feel called to a greater mission to empower others through education, action, reflection and transformation; I am determined to support others (one person or organization at a time) to creatively and strategically plan steps to ensure successful completion of goals. I  seek to use my experiences, enthusiasm, knowledge and skills to coach and provide supportive tools for you to step into your future and reach your goals successfully.