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About Kimberly C. Rhyan

I am a former foster youth and impassioned speaker, trainer and consultant. Whether it’s providiFB_IMG_1491013606393ng one-on-one coaching, or speaking to an organization or a room full of foster youth, I will help you create strategies to be HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE, while equipping you to be ROOTED IN ACTION and REFLECTION to ultimately FULFILL YOUR GOALS through the transformational change process.

I have spoken nationally, in Ohio, Florida, New York and Washington D.C.. I also started an inaugural foster youth program at a community college; you can view my 2017 Pecha Kucha given at the national ACPA convention in Columbus, Ohio.


About Soul-Inspired Storytelling

Soul-Inspired means to live reflectively with passion & purpose to write the next chapter.  Soul-Inspired Storytelling is the development of an action plan that sets up the next chapter for successful outcomes.

  • As a consultant & coach, I seek to support you on your journey to write/visualize/enact the next chapter.
  • As trainer and speaker, I am an advocate for foster youth; my goal is to guide them through the process of stepping into their future while empowering organizations to think creatively about enhancing services and strengthening supportive and holistic programs for long-term success.
  • As writer, artist and creative spirit, I assist others in their journey to grow and explore their passion and purpose. I do more than teach painting and journaling classes- I equip others to utilize the arts to map their own revolution!

What’s your next big idea or goal?

  • Start your own business or not-for-profit
  • Create a website, promotional materials and/or press packet
  • Grow your social media audience
  • Increase your entrepreneurial income
  • Write your memoir or book
  • Increase bookings as a speaker and/or workshop facilitator
  • Write a grant proposal to launch your next dream
  • Strengthen a team and develop goals through strategic planning

Are you ready?

Are you ready to make a map and assess needs to reach specific outcomes?

Are you ready to produce high impact responses through strategic consulting, coaching and mapping?

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